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Okay so I went to the doc at 13 weeks 1 day and the lady was like I can’t tell the gender because it looks like it could be a swollen girl but not sure so she took two potty shots at different angles soo what do you ladies think? I need eyes lol I’m going today to find out the gender

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— Too me looks like a girl

— @mommy_of_love, I really hope so I posted the images on my Facebook and every person said boy all because there’s a tiny bit there lol but everyone I don’t know says girl

— Definitely looks like a girl!

— @denessev, so does the nub sticking up look like a girl? To me my boys have always been really obvious and this wasn’t obvious at all

— Those are swollen girl parts. My son was really obvious and my two girls looked like yours.

— @denessev, omg yay it gives me hope 🤞🏾 I’m finding out today I’m so nervous

— Its kind of hard to tell. But I was told boy around that time and at 18 weeks its was confirmed girl. Might be swollen like the tech mentioned

— Awww! Keep us updated. Hope you get your little girl 🤞🏼

— @denessev, will do

— @itty_bitty, yea that’s what I’m thinking but my boys have always been clear with the double stack lol

— I think girl

— I say a girl

— Update it’s a boy 😭

— Really?! That’s exactly how my girls looked! But at 15 weeks. Congratulations on your baby boy though. Is it your last baby?

— @denessev, yes I’m sad lol at first it was just a hand in between but she checked 3 times and definitely boy and thanks and yes my last one