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Got so much I need to do around the house but no time to myself to get anything done 😩😭

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— Ik how u feel. No time for myself plus since June I been working 6-7 days straight at my job and they still haven’t hired any help.

— Just said the word & ill take off to come help . I’m always trying to find excuses to take off work these days lol .

— @a.toole24, lol I go back to work on the 27th so if u wanna come visit before I do u can come anytime. We also doing like a mini bbq an bonfire for des bday on the 25th when I say mini it’s cuz it’s not really a bday party cuz I’m not having a lot of people over just some people who haven’t met Jordyn yet really and celebrate his bday at the same time lol

— @macismommie, yikes I hope they hire more people soon. I go back to work soon and been told basically my whole office is gone and we definitely need more people and that just made me not want to go back even more

— Same here

— @nikki9109, 😩😩😩 omg. That’s not good. Where do u work if u don’t mind me asking? I enjoy my job but I hate it too. We got this love hate relationship at Verizon. Lol.

— @macismommie, lol I work at the department of veterans affairs I assist veterans who need some financial assistance and the older vets can be difficult to deal with sometimes lol and they come in and out the office all day and phones ring all day definitely need more than 1-2 people

— @nikki9109, o wow as hard as it sounds it’s sounds like an pretty good job. They hiring? I surely would apply there. Cause at Verizon 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ i be praying everyday before during and after work. Cause they b working my nerves to the highest level of frustration. Lol

— @macismommie, lol it’s not bad when we not busy but yea they hiring if u lived in Indy lol