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I need to STOP being such a nice person and START being a perra!!!

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— I know what you mean. I used to be, well carefree of others feelings for the longest, and wasn’t until I had my son that I become such a softie. Caring for others feelings and scared of even tipping the line of being rude. I think it just comes with overall growing up and becoming our true selves. You keep doing you, others can change.

— @malbhurtado im such a nice persons that i let people walk all over me im like everyones shadow they need something im there and when i need something no one is there for me it sucks:(

— Thats what my husband told me that im to nice i need to let the b$$$$ out of me

— @lunachar62 my husband tells me the same thing😭 i just can't!!!

— @noenahiza same here and if i do get mad he tells me its not in me