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I've broken my wrist 😭 how am I supposed to look after my baby? I can't even pick her up and my bf will be at work. What am I gunna do? 😣

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β€” Hope you’re ok zz

β€” Oh no how did you do that ?

β€” @jodiedillon3 fell over and landed on it funny last night. Really worrying about how I'm gunna cope 😣 x

β€” @clarelushx oh god ! Have they put a cast on it ? If they have it will settle down in a few days and you will be able to use it like before I have broken mine a few times maybe you can sort of scoop her up if you get me when you need to pick her up or maybe your oh could take a few days off work to help if he can hope you get better soon xx

β€” @jodiedillon3 thank you. I've got it in a kinda splint thing. I broke a really crappy irrelevant bone but it's stopping me from lifting anything. I'll have to try the scoop thing, either that our just grit my teeth through it 😣 x

β€” when you grab her, grab her under the arm by the arm and turn her on your arm, so that her belly is on your arm...

β€” I broke the top of my arm/bottom of my shoulder last week, first few days are hell and really sore, keep up on your painkillers but after that it eases off and your able to do more but I'd defo say you need someone with you for a few days x


β€” @muksu I don't think I'd be able to do that in the video. My little girl hasn't got the best control over her head. It's a bit all over without support x

β€” @whiteford.lisa05 I'm thinking of messaging a few friends and seeing if anyone can come n help me. We really can't afford the time off. It's going to be really sore, folding tissue paper is painful. Can't imagine lifting a baby but it'll have to be done at some point. Gunna take awhile to heal x

β€” @clarelushx, can your mum or your ohs mum not help? X

β€” @whiteford.lisa05 I've got my brother living next door who can help but I think my partner might have to have a few days off, even tho we can't really afford it. I don't want to be left in a situation where I need to pick her up n my hand gives way n I drop her. I just darent be in that situation. Rather go a bit skint than that x

β€” @clarelushx, how is your arm today? In a few days it won't be as bad and you will be able to move it more but I defo wouldn't attempt to pick your little one up with it or anything you don't want to make it worse x

β€” @whiteford.lisa05 tender but I think it is slowly becoming more able. But yeah definitely. I think I'll get help till its fully usable x

β€” @clarelushx, at least it's not as bad today and have you to go back or anything to see how it's healing? X

β€” @whiteford.lisa05 I have on the 22nd which is a way off but the nurses said I should have a bit of movement by then. I told her I'd just had a baby and she said I wouldn't be able to use it because there's risk of permanent damage but once it's on the mend I don't have to go the whole 6 weeks guideline before using it. So it's good and bad x

β€” @clarelushx, that's not too bad I suppose, you'll just need to be careful until then x

β€” @clarelushx well, as long as she is on her belly looking downwards it should be fine... doc said it's bad if the had falls back towards her back... otherwise just put her against your chest facing away from you... we do it all the time... and maybe give her some more possibility to train, like don't hild her head, but keep you fingers in a little distance in case that it swings... it takes a bit, but they need the training... and ours does the head swinging too, she still is holding it quite well...