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So my daughter was on Similac Advanced.. But was switched to Sensitive.. Well its been over 2 weeks and they sent over something to WIC to have it changed on my checks. I haven't gone to WIC yet.. But now I think this formula is making her constipated.. She hasn't been popping much. And when she does she has a really hard time. Question is... Can it be the formula causing the constipation??

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— @ella_j_heart I mean if that's what the doctor thinks I should do then I will.. I'm just asking can that be the issue? She's been on it for almost 3 weeks I think.

— @ella_j_heart And if she's constipated what can I do for her?

— @ella_j_heart okay. So no prune juice? Obviously not a lot but I also read that somewhere.

— is she only eating formula? any vitamins or anything? our experience with formula with 2 of them was, that we had to switch... they where always cranky after they got milk, then we got a new one and all was fine :) I'd say, test a bit around... like try a new one for a week and see how things go, switching can cause trouble, but if formula is the problem, then not switching is worse I'd say

— @ella_j_heart I'm just saying it started after she was on the new formula a week later. Before that she was always pooping.

— @muksu Yes. Just formula. Similac Sensitive

— @ella_j_heart okay

— @ella_j_heart baby not pooping oft is normal for some, but having a hard time to poop? they should have quite a soft stool and they practice in the womb already, so the practicing shouldn't be the problem

— @brossymommaoftwo added something more to my post :) my I ask why you aren't breastfeeding?

— @muksu I mean when she does finally poop its not a hard poop at all. Its maybe once every 2 or 3 days. Ill just call her doctor because everyone is just telling me different.

— @muksu I tried.. Didn't work out for us. A fed baby is a happy baby. No matter how she's fed 💜

— @ella_j_heart okay. I'm a worry wart. Lol so sometimes its hard.

— Honestly I think I have heard someone else on here say that formula constipated their baby. Maybe talk to her doctor and ask if you could always try enfamil gentlease my daughter is in that and has normal bowl movements

— @muksu The doctor said if this one didn't work they had another for me to try ill call them tomorrow

— @jtaylorg, was it your baby who got constipated from this formula?

— @michellemybell09, yes!! very very constipated. her pediatrician said that can happen when switching formula but it honestly only happened with that one. she would eat well for a few days and then she would get so backed up :(

— @jtaylorg so what did they do for it?

— @brossymommaoftwo, I took her off of it :/

— if you really want to keep her in it, try giving her a probiotic each day and see if that helps before switching

— @jtaylorg should you really give probiotics to small babies? all we are supposed to give is d vitamin and formula/breast milk... and our helpers told us to switch and see if it helps... like try a new one for a while and see how it goes... we switched once and they immediately got better!!! no crankiness after eating or anything anymore... and a baby shouldn't be constipated at all, as it is only milk they get... but somehow mixtures are different and can give trouble to the baby... also switching helps to see if it's the milk or something off with the baby... (maybe vaccinations or something giving trouble if she recently got 1...) you want your baby to be fine, so don't worry about switching, I'd say :)

— Watch for digestive problems. While transitioning from one formula to another, monitor your baby. Watch for persistent vomiting, diarrhea, excessive gas, or constipation. These are all signs that your baby may be experiencing an allergic reaction. Allergic reactions differ from normal digestive irritation because they are chronic and may impact your baby's ability to gain weight.[8]For instance, acute diarrhea and gas is common among babies, but chronic diarrhea or constipation often means the child has an intolerance


— @muksu, well some formulas out there actually have probiotics in them so i don’t think it’s bad to give it to a baby lol we use gerber gentle and it has added probiotics. every baby is different though. that formula does tend to make babies constipated though so switching would probably be the better option

— @brossymommaoftwo oh, that's so sad :( I'm sorry to hear that... I was wondering if you decided on not doing it, because of somethings... some mothers just never try and that's so sad... and I remember still my disappoint that 1 time it didn't work :(

— @jtaylorg oh ok... didn't pay much attention with that stuff... it worked and done :D and I am not sure if there would be a difference from Europe to America...

— @ella_j_heart I don't think it's rude... and if the other one is answering to the question or not is her choice still... and I have been in the same boat... so I think its good to talk about such things, then to think it's bad and hide them... you find people with similar stories and see you are not alone :)