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I have been feeling all kind of sick..I have taken a test but it came back negative.I dont know what to do.period is due the 25....we have been having unprotected sex s(baby dancing )isince my last period which was on july 26...predicted ovulation was around the 9 of this month...should test or is it to early..a couple of days ago i was having light pink spotting and mild cramps  for a couple of hours...wmild cramping still happening awht should i do,what do y'all think?


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— Way too early to test, try to wait until your period is due.

— Ovulation bleeding

— Yeah I agree with @ailurophiliac, it is way too early to get a positive test. You need to wait until at least the 20th to start testing but don’t expect a positive necessarily until AFTER you miss your period

— Implantation bleeding occurs 6 days to 12 days after ovulation day.