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I haven’t felt the baby move today i drank cold water ate a sub with peppers n nothing

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— Call your ob or just go in. At this point you should be feeling consistent movement. Hope everything is ok.

— Drink some orange juice and see if that helps.

— it can happen that they don't move for a day... maybe lie down and poke a bit, can take a bit to get them active... if you are unsure go to the hospital, they can check it quickly... good luck :) and also, sometimes they are turned just so, that you can't feel it... also if you have the placenta in front, it's harder they say...

— @muksu, yeah my placenta is in the front so i normally don’t count kicks because i really only feel them laying down at night

— I wouldn’t worry babies are always moving all day everyday specially towards the end they have lazy days !! But if your really worried than go get checked but I’m sure everything is fine love !!😉

— I would do whatever you do to feel baby. Even when my little man is sleeping more, I can still feel little movements here and there. I also have an anterior placenta.

— Try laying on your left side

— Lay on your left side. You should do a kick count. You need to feel 10 kicks in an hour or go in

— how is it going?

— @muksu, i have a Gi issue... they put me on these pills to help keep acid down

— @brittany88 so you got pills for heartburn problems? has the baby been moving?

— @muksu, yeah they gave me a few different ones to take n yeah he’s back on his Kung fu panda

— glad all is fine :) maybe try backing soda? my life saver :D