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Best thing to remove stains on clothes ?

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— "Wiki how" it. I used that to get rid of sun cream stains on the wall. Xx

— depends... what stain where?

— @muksu mainly dirt from were my kids are sitting down on the floor outside and food stains

— @mrsmowmow can u use it on clothes xx

— @chesscalouise2 I'm not sure as mime was oil based. But if you wiki how "how to get mud from clothes" then some ideas will come up xx

— This stuff even gets mould out. Ace is good stuff too. Also white wine vinegar gets a lot of stains off clothes and walls x

— Great thank you! X@vixster

— I soak them it a bit of sterilising / Milton fluid, but nit fir too long as it might strip the colour of the garment. But it always works for me x

— @kshelley do u think any sterilizing liquid would work xx

— @chesscalouise2 yes I use asda's own brand. I soak the area with the stains for a little while, then chuck it in the wash. Should come out 👍🏾. The sterilizing fluid acts as a bleach, so be careful not to soak it for too long. X

— for berry stains lemon juice, otherwise vinegar works or gale soap... sometimes also cold water and soap... Google for the stains to get the right tip :) not everything works for everything And in case someone has a good tip for banana stains... I can't get them out :/