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I really wish I cloud drink a Red Bull right about now 😩

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β€” Me too!

β€” I’ve been craving Mountain Dew. 🀣

β€” Me too!! I was addicted to redbull spritzers before I got pregnant, missing them so bad.

β€” Same! I've been holding over with Mountain dew or coffee but 😫😫

β€” @libra2extra92, @penelope127, @julyfirefly23, @gorgeousmay42217, monsters and Red Bull are the only ones I drink and I’ve been craving them my whole pregnancy. I’m so ready for next week so I can have one lol.

β€” @juliam27 lol i only drink red bull n they always have hit me spot for me omg ugh i was craving them so bad when i was pregnant too! The blueberry one is my fav

β€” @libra2extra92, I love the blueberry one 😍 that’s my favorite one

β€” @juliam27 omg yours too

β€” @libra2extra92, I used to buy them everyday before I would go to work lol I would even buy the 4 packs lol

β€” @juliam27 lol me too

β€” @libra2extra92, I’m so ready to have one after this baby is born. Just one more week then I can have one lol

β€” @juliam27 lol so close but so far n I'm still breastfeeding so i can't have one yet ugh