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Due anyday per to the dr bleached down the whole house running up and down the stairs well I'll be damned ughhhhh havent went to the store yet to get the things needed for the BBQ I'm burned out thirty minute break then headed to the store and starting to cook then another shower and washing my hair then relaxing

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— Make sure u relax

— @mother4two thanks babe will do I been laying down for almost two hours haven't moved and I gotta still go to the store and cook

— @ambrerumph1440 ur welcome yea i know exactly how u feel. Just dont try put too much work on yourself. Ever since i been working i been in pain just get to er last night didnt leave til 12am wasn't feeling i think me working putting stress on my body plus i move fast well im glad baby okay tho and they gave me ultrasound even tho they didnt even want let me see my baby and she got so big she was moving alot lol. But dont put alot stress on toue body

— @mother4two I'ma try not to after I cook I'ma let the son go down and make hubby come on a walk with me to walk him down a lil more and since I'm already dilated I know that will help me and it made my labor so much easier exercising glad everything is ok with you and baby thou the er here don't and won't do a ultrasound

— @ambrerumph1440 yes walking will help and girl honestly they didnt want to they like no we shouldnt bc u not gonna see the baby. They kept saying they could only do it if im 12 weeks and below but im 15 and they kept saying im suppose be 20 baae on my lmp but i told them no im 15 and 3 days but i had infection an wanted make sure everything was cool

— @mother4two thy always say that and it's crazy cause at 15 weeks it's a whole baby that you can see they be bugging and I don't blame you cause I would want to make sure my baby is ok and they would to that's why I can't stand the er or triage they just want you in and out

— @ambrerumph1440 yea same here

— @mother4two after I delivery my son I'm totally changing my family whole hospital and dr office I would do it now if wasn't so late for me to change now

— @ambrerumph1440 Yea i was gonna change my doctors office bc i want have my baby at different hospital closer to where mt bf stay. The hospital im assigned at is all the way downtown and i stay on west side. Even tho its 20 mins drive its gonna be winter when i have the baby and its gonna be rusb

— @ambrerumph1440 u due soon right?

— @mother4two right I wish I would've changed mine but I been with them for 9 years and yes I'm due anyday now per to the dr

— @mother4two I'ma ask for a membrane sweep on Tuesday when I go if I don't have him between now and Tuesday

— @ambrerumph1440 yea but they told me i have to find a doctor at that hospital that takes my insurance and i have find a prenantal care if not ill be there. But she said if i dont find doctor still come to my appointments

— @ambrerumph1440 okay good luck and let me know how it goes.

— @mother4two thanks babe and I hate when they say that like really it's enough carrying a human around in our bellies and now finding another dr

— @ambrerumph1440 right i know exactly what u mean