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20wk scan does the sonographer double check crl measurements and due date? I seriously don't trust the 13wk scan measurements

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— Nope. On that scan our little girl was growing 2 weeks behind but they kept to her due date x

— You could ask though x

— 2wks behind on the 12wk scan? It's ridiculous every scan I have had says Xmas day. The nhs 12wk scan dated me about 10days behind and the image was not clear. Couldn't even get nt measurements x

— Nope 2 weeks behind at the 20 week scan. But they did move my dd two weeks. Never made any sense to me as by their dates when I took the test & got a positive I wouldn't have been pregnant x

— I just confused myself reading back what I said at the dating scan I was meant to be 16 weeks going from my last AF. They told me i was 14 weeks. Then at the 20 week scan she was growing 2 weeks behind again but EDD didn't change x

— Thats so bad esp with how they don't like you going over by more than 2wk and they get dates wrong. I'm gona tell them on Thursday x

— My daughter was small the whole way through though even now at 8 weeks only weighs 7lb 5oz x