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Pissed right now had a package coming from children's place said delivierd to customer and I have no package. Who steals ppls mail now days. Now my baby ass out without her school uniforms and school starts in the morning....

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— I’ve had things say they’ve been delivered to me when they really didn’t get delivered for another day or two. That’s more likely what’s going on instead of someone stealing it, but you never know nowadays.

— @ek620 @ella_j_heart this is crazy my husband had a package that was coming the delivery guy scanned it delivered and it wasn't then supposedly delivered it the next day we were home all that day and no package. My package says delivered to customer like they put it in my hand or had me sign for it.I'll be at the post office as soon as I drop my baby off to school..

— I’ve had packages that’s been scanned as delivered and I called the people that was supposed to be delivering it to see if it was really delivered I’ve also had packages they scanned as delivered and it came in the morning the next day did you try calling the people that’s supposed to deliver it?

— When that happens to me I usually look around and find my packages on my neighbor's front step. So irritating.

— How do I delete my comments? My son took my phone and posted random stuff.

— Tell em you didn’t get it most times they’ll resend it

— I’ve had this happened too me soooooo many times and it was always on someone else’s doorstep! I’ve had it happened 2 times that it said delivered but nothing was there I called the place I ordered from and the resent the items with no problem!

— A lot of people actually. I had some steak a package off my porch. Little did they know, I had ordered two boxes of adult diapers and pads for after my pregnancy 😂😂😂

— @gummybear728 lmao

— I think I know who has it these two girls walk up and down the street all day and they cut through the back of my house they probably took it. My whole thing is it was a package small enough to fit in the mailbox why not put it there if ur not going to make sure the person your giving is the correct person, not just any random person standing close to a door.

— @prettygirlsmommy Ima go up there tomorrow cuz the post office and children's place is closed today.

— @jasmine.moore7509 I'm going to see I hope they would.

— @ella_j_heart you have a point there but our mailboxes aren't on the house I don't know why I didn't just send it to my mothers house, but I will be from now on..

— @nikki_825, I’ve had to do it before and I just had to have old navy resend some pants last week it’s like peak seasons school and Christmas tax time people steal packages like crazy

— @jasmine.moore7509 girl this is crazy I'm over it now lol

— U can tell them it never came they should replace ur money that’s what they did for me

— @neisisha89 I am