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That face though

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— He is such a cutie.

— He’s too big for that seat mama. Measure and see if the top of his head is an inch or less away for the top of the seat. If it is, he’s due for a big boy seat! And there are cheap ones you can get. Like $30-$40

— I love his pants btw 😭 my sons dad does construction so everything construction related my son had 😂

— @bubbys.mommy hes not too big

— @avianlouiebos, okay just be careful because if he is that seat won’t protect him like it’s supposed to anymore. And it’s not about his feet hanging off it’s about how close the top of his head is to the top of the seat. But it’s hard to tell in a picture lol I just wanted to give you a heads up is all just In case.