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I don’t know how I feel about bringing my baby around my dad he wants to see her and stuff bkz thts his grand baby but.. he’s racist towards Black people Nd my boyfriend is half black and my baby is part too ..

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— I would let him know now that if he says anything racist then you'll cut him out your life because your lil family comes first and you won't allow him to disrespect your family.

— Talk to your dad, baby’s change a lot of opinions .. tell him how you feel , he needs to know that your baby is African American . There is no middle ...

— He knows she is mixed and trust me he is going to love her no matter what. She is you all over again

— My dad is like that too and my oldest brother, has a half black son thats 5 now and my dad loves him to death! Once he knew he had a grandson all that nonsense just flew out the window

— My boyfriend doesn’t want me even taking her around him because he doesn’t like that he’s racist

— I guess it depends on how hardcore of a racist he is. My husband had a friend who was (and still is -- we don't talk to him, anymore) pretty racist. His daughter had 3 kids with her boyfriend who was black. He ADORED those kids, but he absolutely hated the father for getting his daughter pregnant 3 times. It was an on and off relationship and he basically blamed the guy for never stepping up and being a father. He said it didn't surprise him though seeing as "they're all like that". (Never mind that it takes 2 to tango. Pretty sure his daughter always took him back, regardless 🙄) Whether he said those kinds of things around the kids, I have no idea. But I do know that he refused to even look at the dad and begged his daughter at every chance he got to cut him off and to not let him see the kids ever so that they wouldn't grow up like "his kind". So if you feel like him being around your kid might make him realize his ignorance and do away with it, I'd say it's a good idea. If you feel like he'll just treat your kid as the exception and not the rule and still hold onto that racism, it might not be a healthy environment to bring your kid into.

— I think if its important to you that your dad is apart of your daughters life , you should allow him to see her. I think once he’s able to hold her, connect with her and see how precious she is, he’ll definitely have a new outlook on things and as for your boyfriend it’s understandable that he feels that way but its everywhere & your father is family he’ll make some adjustments because he loves you at least give him a chance to try you know.

— Just a thought: I've seen a lot of older people who were racist have changes of heart on the matter after actually developing relationships with people of another color and especially when they are given grandchildren. You could think of it as a chance for healing or you could give it no chance and keep people divided. If it were me, I'd give it a shot (with some healthy boundaries and guidelines set up from the beginning of course)