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I can't wait till I die

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— Are you ok?

— - Your daughter can.. I’m here if you need to talk. It’ll get better, no choice but❤️

— Don’t say that .. we are here for Support

— I hope your okay! Do you have friends or family you can vent to or go to if there’s a problem at your house?

— @kambam, will you post that to the feed? I’ve seen a lot of moms struggling this weekend! 💙❤️💙

— Yes. I'm texting them right now to see how it works 😁😁 @evildrporkchop.

— I’m sorry you’re feeling this way 😢 Please don’t forget that whatever you’re going through is temporary & you are strong enough to get through it. Message me if you need to talk. 💕

— I tried killing myself back in 2014 and all I can think of it dieing yesterday. Was my birthday and still I get treated like shit the next day I get called a bitch I get told he don't wanna sleep next to me any more so the only thing I'm alive for is to take care of my daughter if I didn't have her I would be planning my suicide

— Praying for you & I'm here if you need to talk.. Please reach out to someone.

— Is there some where you can go to get away from him? You deserve so much better!

— tel:1-800-273-8255 national hotline


— @katelynn do not let this man dictate your worth. You have so much more to live for and you deserve happiness. Please get help ASAP and try to make arrangements for some where else to live. He is not good for your mental health, focus on you hun. I'm sorry you're going through this but it will get better ❤️