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What hair products can I use on my daughters hair to make it grow?

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— @ella_j_heart, No when she gets older

— I know some use castor oil but I don’t have any experience with it.

— @ella_j_heart, Alright thanks

— @amouryaya09, I’ve never heard of people using that her hair is really curly and I’m trying to keep her curl pattern as well as grow it if it needs to happen when she gets older

— @prettygirlsmommy, yeah it’s Jamaican castor oil you can get it pretty much anywhere. I know when my son was born his hair texture changed at least 3 times before he turned 1. I hope you find something to help keep her pattern.

— I use olive oil. Nothing else until after 1 the coconut oil mixed with olive grape seed and castors for all my kids.

— @shannae3, When did you start using the olive oil

— I had to like at 2 weeks. my son hair was so thick and curly he was getting cradle cap real bad. so his dr told me use mineral oil (baby oil) n wash it out then I just rub a lil evoo on his scalp n he been cool since.