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She has 2 red marks on her face like this. I don’t want to go to the drs if it’s nothing but I just wanted to know what someone figured I think it might just be from teething but I don’t know 😅

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— My sons face would rash up hard from teething! Looked like that!

— @hannakimberly, ok that’s what we are thinking too and it’s been super hot here so

— @jessiebear21, yea I believe it. It’s so crazy hot/humid here :( stay cool you guys!!!

— @hannakimberly, it sure is and Smokey!! And same to you!! :)

— Did she eat anything new?

— @megand15, mm no she has been eating the same thing as always. But good thought! I didn’t think of that too but I just couldn’t think of anything different she ate 0.o

— @jessiebear21 could be anything. They can be so sensitive lol

— @megand15, they really can be lol

— Girl let me tell you something, babies will manage to get every single kind of rushing down to man and they will all look different but yet apparently according to the doctors they’re all nothing to be worried about. The only thing you should ever really worried about is if a baby has a very high fever or a moderately high fever for three days or more. Other than that they will tell you it’s just a virus give the baby Pedialyte if the baby can’t keep any food down and wait for it to pass within 5 to 7 days. I was getting so upset at the doctors 😒

— @delamorena2121, oh wow really that’s kinda stupid of them like they could over see something serious and say it’s nothing 0.o

— @jessiebear21, That did happen once he had a virus but it was accompanied with a strange cough and I kept telling them that we how he was coughing and breathing wasn’t normal is still sent us home I am going to another doctor in a different city and they said that it was asthma 🤬

— @delamorena2121, wow! That’s why I hate drs like it’s good they are there but man do they over look things 😔