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So my feet have been getting really swollen and they hurt really bad. I could be sitting down, waking up from sleeping or walking (doing things in the house) and they get swollen is this normal? My legs also get swollen and it feels like plastic when one touches them and that happened to me after I had my son. My sister said it could be preeclampsia.

🤷🏻‍♀️***SORRY I DONT PAINT MY NAILS*** 🤷🏻‍♀️

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— Definitely possible preeclampsia. It’s pretty rare for pregnant women however it does happen. Women who are pregnant get swollen in general, I brought this up to my ob and she said I was having normal symptoms and there would most likely be nausea and other obvious symptoms to be clampsia. However- Given how far along you are, this is about the time it does happen.. I’d call your doctor, give them the symptoms and they’ll have you come in. I hope everything’s ok! If anything soak your feet at night with bath salts and keep them elevated, so above your body, as often as possible.

— O no this is normal just kick your feet up a few times a day or get u some compress stocking to put on your calves to help circulate the blood.

— Any pain in the top right side of your abdomen?

— I thinks it’s normal. My feet get so swollen that I can’t bend my toes. Same with my fingers. I just had to get my wedding ring cut off because my fingers were so swollen. But if you want to be sure you can always call your doctor!!

— As long as your blood pressure is good at every appointment and your doctor isn't concerned then theres not need to worry. My hands and feets get super swollen 😭 really bad when I walk. Just drink a lot of water and put your legs up. 😊😊❤

— My feet are just staying terribly swollen now and the Dr even caught me with a high bp twice but they weren't concerned. They took it again before I left and it was normal. They are screening you at the Dr, so no worries unless you have the other PreE symptoms! I'll share with you my big fat swollen feet and you'll probably feel better by comparison lol

— These are normally very skinny! Lol

— @malbhurtado, @babydiehl2016, @quettabetta, @lincolnsmommy18, @queen_mommy97, @kjcross, @kjcross, So I called my doctors office today and they said I should be okay unless one leg is swollen and the other isn’t then I should go to ER or if one leg is more swollen than the other. Thank you for all the comments I was a little worried.

— @kellynicole, No