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Getting my baby’s ears pierced tomorrow 😍 Any tips, stories, or advice?

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— Go to a shop designated for piercing. Not some mall shop.

— Don't go to the mall. Go to a shop, like a tattoo parlor. Make sure the earrings are real so she doesn't have any reaction to them.

— Don’t go anywhere that uses a piercing gun

— @mrschanandlerbong95 why not? I'm just asking out of curiosity not spite or anything lol

— Agree with all the above! Go to a tattoo shop that will pierce with a needle, not a mall shop with the piercing gun bc they pierce with blunt force, not sharpness which can lead problems and also entirely more sanitary.

— @myafaithh224, pretty much what @not_a_newbie, said. They can’t be cleaned properly, so the risk for infection is high. And people using piercing guns, like at Claire’s, haven’t had any real training. Literally anyone can pick it up and use it.

— Guys I feel so bad😢 I got my baby girls ears done and they were done w a gun. Didn't have any problems fortunately but I didn't ever even think about the gun part😢😢😢😢

— @myafaithh224 don't feel too bad. Many people dont know. My piercings were not done in a shop due to my own stupidity but if my children ever choose to get some, I'll take them to a shop. I learned from my father to go to a shop but I often try to tell those who ask on mom apps the safest route.

— Our pediatrician does them with a gun but a it’s new gun each time. It’s $90 to do.