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Why are people on here not understanding this...if you post on a public forum be prepared for opinions you don’t agree with. That’s what comes with posting things on the internet. You don’t want people giving advice or sharing their opinions? Disable comments or block. It’s really that simple.

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— @wickedlittlethings., I constantly see you saying this and no one seems to see that. Lol. Just wanted to help you out!

— @thisisfeeney, I try. But if they rather fight and argue, then will handle it. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I don’t have the energy to argue anymore lol.

— Why can’t i see @wickedlittlethings., comment?!? I’m not blocked

— Oh haha never mind I see it now

— @ss3mom, I was confused for a minute 😂

— STOP BASHING PEOPLE @thisisfeeney,

— @ek620, I’m such a horrible person aren’t I? I just bash on everyone’s posts. It really is a problem. I’m seeking help for it. Just don’t give up on me 😂

— Preach it sister! 🙌🙌🙌

— @ek620 does this pertain to vacation days.....

— @niennunb, ??

— There was a post earlier about someone wishing they could have vacay days with being a SAHM. I was going to come back to it later, but I can't find it anywhere

— @niennunb, oh yes! She said that I was bashing her because I disagreed with her post. I thought I was very civil on there. I don’t know if she deleted it because I’m blocked now lol

— @ek620 she was ridiculous. She obviously needs a vacation day after blowing up like that. I've been on both sides of the fence and I agree with what you said. And you were NOT bashing her what-so-ever

— @niennunb, I’m baffled why she thought I was bashing her & even more baffled as to why she couldn’t understand what I was saying. 😂

— I saw that post before there was comments and wondered if it was gonna blow up