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My son grabs my stomach and goes Big Pansa !!!! (Big stomach) I’m like thanks kid πŸ™„

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β€” Oh my gosh he literally called out some man in the grocery store and said big bellyyy because he’s used to mine right now. Poor guy was so embarrassed

β€” @malbhurtado, lmao!!! Omg I’d be dying . Sounds like something my son would do too

β€” I know the feeling. My 3 yr old said "mom i thought baby Major was born looks like he is still in your tummy." 😳 😳😳 *does 600 crunches* Lmao

β€” @majorreign, lmao! Kids have no filter at allll. One time my niece who is 2, was fighting with my 1 year old and she said β€œyour mommy is ugly!” I was cracking up but at the same time very concerned .

β€” @domsmama96 lol. Thats so funny. I would feel the same way. My niece told me to be quiet and not sing bc only "pretty girls" sing. No filter. Maybe i should be that way haha