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I’m so upset. No one showed up to my daughters birthday party today. So many people confirmed. None showed up. 😭😫

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— They didnt show up to the birthday that’s tomorrow?

— Yeah I'm confused. If the party is tomorrow how did no one show up?

— That happened to my 1st son..I was so upset..I ended up doing something extra special for him..people are so rude especially why confirm and not go..Happy birthday to your little girl...

— Did you mean yesterday?

— 😐😔

— That's how my daughters 5th went. Those assholes aren't invited to my youngest first. Sorry not sorry.

— That’s why I hate throwing birthday parties

— Clearly it was a typo. Common sense. I was incredibly upset and typing super fast.

— @sherrynygirl, @mychemicalshaymance, @yamip91, @wild_flower94, I would’ve spent a little more money on her than waste it on cupcakes. I’m just glad she had fun with her cake

— @southernsass Is there a reason as to why no one showed up? What were their excuses?

— @yamip91, I haven’t heard from any of them to know :/