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Also. My sisters water broke and she is back in a csection having my niece. Two days before my daughter turns 1! (obviously I’m excited!)

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— Are you upset about that...?

— She can’t really help that her water broke two days before your daughters birthday. Doesn’t make her birthday any less special.

— I don't think she's upset, I took it as excited, but I could be wrong. @leahkay @hail

— Oh! I assumed she was upset. My bad. Congratulations! Shared birthdays/close birthdays are exciting!

— @rikki. She had a post right before this one that said she was upset then started this one with "also". That's what made me think that but maybe that's not what she meant so that's why I asked.

— @leahkay oh okay. I gotcha. Well, people can't change when baby decides to come. 🤷🏼‍♀️

— @leahkay, oh no! I’m not upset at all

— @rikki., I’m super excited! She’s a perfect little girl

— @southernsass congrats on being an auntie!

— @rikki., thank you! I took my daughter up to meet her but they wouldn’t let me back. She’s not a sibling or over the age of twelve 😤