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Advice needed... How are you ladies making your bottles on an evening as I don't have a perfect prep x

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— I always make them up fresh and cool them Down in a jug of cold water from the fridge. But my formula is always measured out ready in little cup things x

— @megan-leigh How long does that usually take cause Lucas is always starving hungry when he wakes up xx

— I do boiled water into the bottle. Take that up and have a flask of boiling water. Add an ounce to make it warm and add powder. But Alex has different milk that has to be made at drinking temp so not sure it works for all powders in killing off bacteria x

— I used to make them up at night. It was my midwife gave me the idea. Fill 1/2 - 3/4 of the bottle with boiled water. Stick in the fridge in the evening to cool and when baby needs a feed fill the rest with boiled water add appropriate scoops of milk and the bottle is done. Example baby takes 3oz. Fill 2 oz of boiled water, stick in th fridge then when it’s bottle time add 1 oz of boiled water 3 scoops of milk and done 😊

— @andrewsmom04 5 minutes or so but it's critical that the water is a certain hotness as the formula isn't sterile! Xx

— @megan-leigh no I know that hun xx

— @andrewsmom04 They say putting boiled water in a flask keeps it hot for a good few hours though xx

— I might have an idea for another easier way to make a bottles during the night. Why don’t you boil water in advance and store it in a thermos flask? The flasks claim to keep it warm for 24 hours so all you’d need to do is pour into sterilser bottles and add formula. However I am probably not the best person to take an advice from as I am using a prep machine xx