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What age did you get your LO first pair of fitted shoes ?

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— 9 months, she had been walking for 2 weeks when we got them. Took her to Clark’s who measured her and took a picture of her too xx

— When he learned to walk properly, Arlo roughly 12 month x

— Okay so it's best to wait till he is walking he is still cruising the furniture atm x

— We waited til both ours had been walking for 3-4 weeks then got them done at Clarke’s (they measure width for better comfort and foot posture) x

— When he started walking, around 1 ish ☺️

— 17months, she had been walking confidently for about 2-3weeks before we got them. The woman in Clarks said she needed to be taking at least 15 steps but she could easily do double that xx

— Once they were walking properly. So 10months with Morgan. 14months with Max 😊 Clarks were very strict! Had to see them walk before they would measure them Lol

— They have two types of shoes.. Pre walkers And normal shoes. The prewalkers are a softer shoe for when they can take 5 or more steps... Then the proper hard shoe is when they are fully walking... We've had 2 lots of pre walkers and are now on our first proper pair of shoes. Xx

— Okay great thank you all so much for your help ! 😊 xx