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The yellow circle on my body had been hurting for the last couple days

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— Your diagram is backwards so Idk, but if the pain is on your right side you need to call the Dr asap. You should call them anyway, really. They won't mind, they'd rather you be safe and healthy, don't worry about having to call the Dr on call.

— @kjcross, it’s my left side under my breast like where my ribs are

— I went in last week for pain around the same area (left under my arm near my breast) ob sent me to ER to check for blood clot. They told me I have pleurisy link below. Pain was no joke

— @iuiblessing2018, wat did they do for u

— @brittany88, only meds I could take were Tylenol which didn’t help. I’ve actually helped a lot only way I could get relief to sleep. Said if pain kept up I could talk to OB about safe steroids but it’s not as bad now. Still feel it but nothing like it was. Mine hurt to move or talk or sneeze or breathe.

— @iuiblessing2018 pleurisy hurts like a bitch! @brittany88 you should get checked out. The Right side is concern regarding preeclampsia but you still have organs on the left side that you could be having an issue with.

— @iuiblessing2018, thanks i think i need to get mine checked out

— @kjcross, oh my gosh yes it does I thought my ribs were broken or something

— @brittany88, good luck. Hope you get some relief soon. When I went they did an ekg, X-ray and a ct scan but with less radiation for baby.

— @iuiblessing2018 it was up high for me. I thought for sure I had an embolism and was gonna die lol I couldn't get a full breath. So scary. Any pain in the rib areas warrant a Dr call or visit though! All our important bits are in there!