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How old does a child have to be and weigh to use a regular seat belt and booster seat?

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— @mokimbo thanks.

— I think your convertible car seat says when to use the seatbelt and booster seat option

— Yes I'll look

— Honestly some booster seats have pretty low starting limits which makes no sense to me. Look into harness to booster seats so you can use the five point harness longer.

— My girl has a 5 point harness . It turns into a booster. I'll stick with the 5 point harness for at least another year.

— Regardless of when they say it can be used it is highly recommended to use a harness until 5. Their bones are not ready for it before then. By 5 they should meet the limits anyways but some kids still aren't mature enough to sit still at 5 and have to be in one longer.

— My 6 year old weights around 38 lbs. She's in the extend to fit, still rear-facing so in a 5 point harness. My boys are 3 and 4 and also in the same seats.

— Rear facing at 6, wow