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Really starting to feel so down! I can’t help but feel so much frustration all I want is my little girl to be here😫 I’m 39 weeks tomorrow! I’ve had lower abdominal pain now for a few weeks (getting stronger each day) I’ve had some plug come away about 2 weeks ago but still nothing! I’m literally trying everything to help induce my labour😖 and all the while I’m having people tell me to wait saying “I’m most likely to go over” and that there’s “no point in trying” or “to let it happen when it happens, to not rush things” but I really just think they don’t understand how fed up I am at this point!!! Am I wrong for feeling this way? Should I be more impatient? X

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— Your not wrong. It's frustrating. But their not exactly wrong either lol. You can try all the tricks. Nothing wrong in that. But I found both times baby only comes when ready. Was late both times 🙈 Think of it like this. Less than 3weeks you'll have baby in your arms... 🤗