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What do you do when you have ten weeks left what should be prepared and done

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— I have ten weeks left myself Nd have anxiety about everything I’m goin crazy tryna figure out if I atleast have everything she needs

— If you don’t already have the car seat-plan on making the purchase. Once you have it, install it, you can leave the car seat inside, but leave the base in the car. This is the most important thing because you cannot bring baby home without one, they check (not that you would want to without one anyways). You can also start packing your hospital bag, wash baby clothes, if you already had your baby shower make a list of items you feel you need to buy before baby is born and another list of things you want to- some of these items it probably doesn’t matter if they are purchased later on. Start setting up any baby items you have :). You can take it at a nice leisurely pace, but I recommend the car seat sooner than later as it can be a stressful experience ( you’ll see!!!)

— I’m 30 weeks and haven’t done anything except put the crib together which we won’t even use until he’s like 6 months old. I’ve maybe bought two outfits and that’s it.

— 32 weeks tomorrow and haven't done a darn thing 😂

— I have yet to buy a crib mattress and clothes, poor babe is gonna come home in a blanket if i dont get movin' lol

— Around 30 weeks , I put up my baby crib, washed his clothes, put everything where I wanted it to go...his car seat/stroller is set up (just sitting in my son room)but I’m not putting the base in my car until the day I go to the hospital, that’s what I did with my first lol I started buying everything pretty early since I already knew I didn’t want a baby shower, around 34 weeks is when I bought the big boxes of wipes and diapers && packed my hospital bag. You still have some time to get stuff in order ☺️, only thing I would say is anything that u feel is top priority get that done before everything else...I made sure I had all the important stuff bought/put together before I worried about anything I “wanted” VS needed for him!

— Maybe see what you'd like to pack for the arrival.. you , baby, dad ..that's what I'm in the process of doing.. my stroller is together, her clothes are washed and organized by size and in drawers I have a few things left to get .. and hoping I get some of those needs at my shower on Sunday .. make a list of needed needs then wants ..maybe save extra money aside here and there for baby emergency or food after for you and Dad ... We need to clean and sanitize our car again idk just some of what we are trying to do we're first time parents as well