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I'm giving my grandparents the first great grandchild. On my mom's side out of my cousins I am the third oldest of 26. On my dad's side I'm the oldest of 5. And me and my 5 siblings are the only grandkids my step father's parents have. I understand that it is a big thing but I feel so much pressure. Everyone keeps bringing it up and expecting it to be this huge ordeal but honestly I don't even want her around most of them but everyone except one of my aunts have always been, "meet my baby" and "everyone love my baby" "hold my baby" "sure you can babysit". They are all expecting me to do the same especially since it's the first great grandchild on all three sides. πŸ˜–πŸ˜©

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β€” Do what you want at your own pace! We chose not to have hospital visitors- with exception of a 20 minute visit from my mother in law. We also had home visits scheduled and the only relative that has ever watched her is my mother in law and only probably 3 times. At gatherings I would hold my baby 95% of the time and when others did I was within eyesight. Now as for the Love part- of course- everyone is free to love baby with their whole hearts! Remember you, your husband, and baby make your own family and you guys have complete control- it’s up to you if you give up some of that control. Be firm- you have to start from the beginning otherwise people feel entitled. And I do not think being related brings entitlement.

β€” @amysbabies We agreed we won't be telling people other than his mom when I'm in labor; that's only because he's not sure if he will want to drive or be sitting with me so she offered when the time came. We won't announce it until we are home. So glad there's another similar though, if anyone does hold her it won't be out of my eyesight and I don't want it to be everyone. Especially with her genes it is very likely she won't like being passed around or having too much interaction/stimulation like that. I do agree, everyone can love her just physically is my problem. I was almost worried I was being selfish but unsure.