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I feel so tiny for 30 weeks 😂 I finally “popped” 😂 baby number 2 and he is way bigger then he is suppose to be! Make sense of that! Lol

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— Congratulations

— You do look so tiny lol ! Great picture though. Such a cute dress. Suits you well!

— Aw I would have never guessed 30 weeks ! Your dress is adorable

— @sadie.w, @alishap1212, thanks guys (: I appreciate it!

— Exactly how I am lol. Nobody at my job would know I was pregnant if I didn't tell them 😂

— @shay2beautiful, I had to put my hands around my belly and take a picture after eating a big meal to make sure I looked pregnant 😂 otherwise just like you people thought I was lying 🙄 lol