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Is there any moms with a biracial kid group? I want to learn some more about her hair and things like that.

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— I’m Spanish and I have curly crazy hair that gets dry, tangled and breaks 😭 but when it behaves it’s beautiful. I’ve learned moisture is my friend.... leave-in conditioners are life savers. Wash 1-2x a week. Dentangle it with conditioner when washed and put it in loose protective styles ... a braid is great. Buns = a hot mess of a tangle. Try to leave it loose if you can but avoid tangles by combing with fingers with leave in on.

— @floralfairy, her hair is still kind of thin. I want to do French braids but I can’t braid with her thinness right now. I wish I could find other styles for her. I use a lot of the Cantu products and I LOVE them

— @megbaby07, try leaving it loose but I would say to just always keep it hydrated. Cantu is so good! I like the cowash.

— I seen the cowash today & I was so ready to get it but I didn’t now I might have too, I wanted to get insides on what all I can do lol

— I have one daughter who has thin curly slick then I have one with curly dry hair and no matter what I put in her hair it always ends back dry. So whatever you come up with let me know lol