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I’m so frustrated. Rob just got ANOTHER job. Financially we don’t need him to work that much. I feel like he just doesn’t want to be home. I see him for maybe an hour most days. It’s getting hard doing it all on my own and never getting a little break from Maddox.

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— That sucks I know how you feel I miss the money Cory (my hubby) use to make being a construction worker but i love having him here when he was working construction he'd be out of the house at 630am and not home until like 9pm so we hardly got to see him it so sucked hang in there love 💖

— @ironbutterfly, thank you. It’s just so frustrating. He works full time nights so I’m on my own every night with Maddox and seriously sleep deprived. Now he’s started a day job. So on the days he doesn’t work the night before he’ll be working 10-7pm. And then on top of all that he does firefighting and goes to every call he possibly can. I feel like a single parent.

— @maddoxsmama I could imagine that's a lot I felt with one with my hubby just doing the one job but that's a lot on you hopefully he realizes it and rethink the day job

— @ironbutterfly, hopefully. I don’t want to seem unappreciative because I know he’s doing this because he wants us to have everything we want. But I really just want him present in our lives.

— My hubby works full time nights too and I don’t know about you but when I was on mat leave I kinda found it frustrating him sleeping during the day. Night shifts cut into family time. Now I’m back at work so for some reason I feel like it’s not as frustrating but I definitely can imagine how hard it must be if he’s working extra jobs.

— My husband does construction he works 10 hrs a day sometimes he goes in for overtime on saturdays i get upset but he does it so we have everything but home for the winters

— @maddoxsmama I'm sure he will know that you just want time it's rough 💖

— I know the feeling 😞. Hubby used to do 9am-9pm. And pay wasn't even it hurt, losing him for all that time. But we needed the money. I'm also like you, I rather have hubby around than him working and being alone. Now that we moved, the long hours are harder because I have no friends or family. But....that's great in a way, he's a hard worker! But since you said you don't need the money, maybe have a talk with him and let him know how lonely it is. Guys sometimes have no clue how it is....

— Now the hours are even trickier. 4 or 5 am until whenever they're done...sometimes that's 12 hours...and the other day it was 15. I saw him for 5 mins before he went straight to bed...I really wanted an hour to just sit and talk but I understood. When he vomes home most days he takes a nap and by the time he's up, I'm ready for bed lol. Being a mom is tough!!!

— @sofie321, wow those hours are brutal! It’s hard but how can I get mad at him for making money and providing for us 🤷🏼‍♀️ I plan on talking to him though. Maybe he can drop a couple hours so he can be home a bit more.

— @maddoxsmama ya!! Money will come and go, but those precious moments in life won't.