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"They'll learn to use the potty when they're ready". I truly hated hearing this the several times I've attempted (and failed) with my daughter. Guess that irritating advice is actually truthful! Today, I gave it a go for what feels like the hundredth time. Put her in "big girl panties", asked her every 30 minutes to go sit on her floor potty, and she did! Then, she decided to really show off by climbing up on the toilet and going... Twice!!! We've had so many things that hindered us (brother came early...I broke my ankle... Life, in general), but we're finally making progress. She may be "late" with learning this (she'll be 3 in December), but I'm so, so proud of this accomplishment! 😊

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— Three isn't super late. My ds was just under five when he learned. Still has poop accidents though

— @leenie 🤔 people just act so shocked when they find out she wasn't potty trained. I can definitely tell that learning to poop in the toilet is going to take a bit more time for her, too.

— Athena is still learning, she's extremely stubborn. Right now she will go in her diaper and then take it off saying caca. She will go in the potty but only to pee for now

— @vvrobinson that's awesome though that she can identify it/tell you when she does.

— @techie_grrl just wish she would get it down already diapers arent cheap and her poop diapers are foul

— @vvrobinson haha! That's for sure. Miss the days of breast fed baby poo. So much easier on the nose ..

— @techie_grrl no kidding 🤢🤢🤢