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I really don't know what to do any more. My 5 year old daughter has had 5 UTI's in 1 year. Each time, her urine culture comes back positive for e-coli. I've retaught her how to wipe. I've had her on a potty schedule, but it doesn't help. I've stopped all liquid, but water and milk. I'm frustrated and lost. I don't know what to do. I'm tired of cleaning pee soaked clothes and bedding as well has shampooing the carpet constantly. Anyone ever go through this? I want to say she can't help it, but I'm not sure.

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— I’ve never dealt with it before in an older child but maybe give her some cranberry juice more often and yogurts! Yogurt is super helpful!

— Maybe bring her to a urologist

— My 7 yo has a uti. I have an overactive bladder and am prone to uti. Maybe she has the same issue?

— @kbbaybee16 Her pediatrician said that's the next step after another UTI.

— Did she have any UTI issues as an infant/ toddler?

— @peppa. I never thought about her sleeping without panties under her night gown. It's worth a shot. I started her in a cup of cranberry juice a day. She wears only cotton panties, not scented body washes and no bubble baths. I'm running out of ideas. I'll definitely give the no panties a try.

— I would probably take her to see a urologist. She may have a colonized infection or may have something going on structurally making her prone to them. Does she use bubble bath? Those gave my sister bad uti's when we were kids, she is just very prone to them also.

— @danaalane26 She was difficult to potty train, but still had accidents from time to time. When I thought we were past it, she started having accidents again.

— You mommas are on it! In the time it took me to comment you all already covered all my points. :)

— @jenx I stopped bubble baths a while back. 😔

— @day1401 I may have to add yogurt back to be diet. Thank you.

— @ambers14 What can they do for that for a 5 year old? Do they have medication for something like that? I do wonder if something else is going on.

— Does she take a bath or shower? I got a TON of them from 1st grade through high school. They did testing and all kinds of crap to me. They were so painful I would have to leave school and go home and chug water and just cry. I didn't stop getting them until I was 18 and got pregnant with my first son. I know that's not helpful. However, I notice I get them more if I take a bath

— @wvmommy, oh and also there are some soaps and washes that kids use that actually make things worse. So make sure you look at what kinds of body washes she’s using or soaps!

— @ohsillyme529 She only takes a shower now. Wow, that sounds horrible. I really hope she doesn't go down the same path. 😕

— @wvmommy I would take her to see a specialist. They would be able to help more than a regular pediatrician. And no more bubble baths, cotton panties only, don't let her sit in a wet bathing suit and have her drink tons of water.

— @wvmommy, honestly I’d get her an appointment anyways. And if u need a referral push for one. It could make a huge difference

— Also it was weird but some type of pool like chlorine gave me very bad reaction down there as a kid. Just a thought. Idk if they sell baquasil or however you spell it anymore. But just an idea

— I was in and out of the hospital when I was a kid because I would constantly get terrible UTIs. They finally determined that I had kidney reflux and fixed it with surgery. As I've gotten older I've only had a handful of them and it was when I became sexually active...

— @wvmommy I'm sorry girl. All I know is it's a horrible feeling. I'll be praying for your little girl. Get her in to see that specialist.

— My oldest daughter has continued UTI and come to find out it was because of constipation. My youngest kept getting them and she had labial fusion which is super common so maybe have them check for signs of that. The urologist said they see it a lot in kids from ages 2-8 reoccurring because of how they wipe etc.

— @wvmommy, yes there’s medication. My bladder doesn’t fully empty so I’m constantly going and getting utis. I need to get a ballon and camera put up there to see what exactly is happening. She needs to see a urologist

— Have they done any tests?

— @_sheriee Only on urine samples.

— She definitely needs to see a urologist, they should do more testing to rule out other issues

— Finally got my daughter into a urologist for next Tuesday. It's going to be a long 2.5 hour drive one way and long day, but it will be worth it if we get the answers we need. 😊