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Just a question for y’all. During your 2 week wait for your period do you drink alcohol at all? I had a glass of champagne today and I’m feeling guilty. Just wondering what y’all do?

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— Yep, I would until I tested pregnant.

— @penelope127, yeah makes sense

— @devd92, and if you know your going to have a drink, I would just test in the morning with fmu to see. It did happen for my first pregnancy, we were going to dinner with friends, and it came up pregnant. 😳

— @penelope127, oh really? Yeah I guess it’s just to early for me to test right now. Maybe tomorrow

— @devd92, I would wait until 9dpo on to start testing.

— “Drink til it’s pink”

— @penelope127, yeah I’ll be 8 DPO tomorrow

— I dont and i want to

— @viktoria45, you don’t drink?

— @devd92 i am on fertility treatments

— @viktoria45, oh yeah I wouldn’t either. That makes sense

— @devd92 thanks

— If I were trying specifically, I personally wouldn’t. But only because I don’t really drink much anyways. I would say if you’re in your window and also having what may be pregnancy symptoms...don’t drink.

— @alyssa5792, okay that makes sense

— I personally subscribe to the “drink til it’s pink”. If my tests are negative I’ll have a beer or glass of wine.

— @kirstieh, without worry?

— For me, yes, but obviously do what you’re comfortable with. I wouldn’t get like wasted or anything but one drink doesn’t bother me if I’m in the TWW.

— @kirstieh, yeah I mean you hear about women doing that their whole pregnancy like someone said earlier. I just wanna get rid of this guilt

— Give yourself some grace, hun. Your body does everything it can to protect a baby if you get preggo. When I stopped taking BC I had gotten super drunk one night without knowing I was pregnant, (I conceived literally one week after I quit the pill and had no idea it happened so quick) and I asked my obgyn at my first appt and she said no worries, without the baby feeding off a placenta it wasn’t a big deal, no damage was done and I had a healthy baby. I just switched to sparkling juice once I got the BFP :) hopefully yours will be bfp soon!

— @kirstieh, yeah that is true. I guess I just worry so much because I want it so badly!! But your right! Thank you so much!

— @devd92, sending lots of baby dust your way. I hope you get that bfp soon!

— @kirstieh, thank you so much! Means a lot!

— I stopped drinking about a week before my bfp because my gut told me I was pregnant

— @ravensupermom, oh really? Always go with your gut!

— I had a little bit of wine at my cousins birthday party this saturday, but it didnt taste right so I stopped. I think its personal preference tbh.

— @miloorflorencetbd, yeah that makes sense