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When I was growing up any man that didn't hit a woman was a good man because my father used to really hurt my mother I thought all men hit women as a child like it was normal. But as I got older and lived with another family in a room with my daughter I saw how the husband never hit the wife and they where always happy and smiling I loved living there it was the one place I never felt in danger.

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— @bitchcraft my mother wouldn't say that she would hide it and I knew I couldn't say anything but growing up dad would also hurt men he would get them to come to our house and get them drunk and beat the he'll out of them. My sis and I even found blood stains on the carpet ,broken glasses,broken chains. We would hear them screaming from pain when my father will hurt them :( . Sadly when we left my mother started acting like my father scare me and my sis hit us verbally abuse us. Even almost beat me up in front of my 5 year old who's father I left so that she will never see what it feels like to see your mother getting hit. I left my mother too was on my own with baby for a while