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A few pictures from my baby shower yesterday !! Had an awesome time and this little girl is so loved and so spoiled already !! She got tons of gifts !! Afterwards, daddy and I went baby shopping and didn't make it home til 130 am in the morning, so needless to say this mama is still so exhausted!! Today, when daddy gets home, were setting up her nursery !! Eeekkk.. can't wait !!!

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β€” Your so beautiful!!!

β€” Thank you!! 😍😘

β€” You look great! & I love that dress!!!!

β€” Thanks hun, I had no clue what to wear, I bought it at the last minute lol

β€” your glowing girl 😍😍😍

β€” Thank you!

β€” Too CUTE! 😍😘

β€” Thanks alot ! 😘😘


β€” Thanks gorgeous !!

β€” You look amazing, momma! 😍

β€” Thank you! How have u been ?

β€” @angikay, not bad! Finally found out why we haven’t gotten pregnant!! Turns out one of the docs left an IUD in me!! 😩 Got it out the other day so now we start ttc all over again!

β€” @granolatree oh no! That's horrible! But I'm glad it's out now and you're back to ttc!! Good luck hun, hope it happens soon for you!!

β€” You look so pretty! Envious of how cute/little you are while pregnant lol. I blew up like a whale πŸ˜‚

β€” Thank you, lol I feel huge. Maybe because I'm small framed. Lol

β€” @angikay, I’m small framed too but just knew I’d blow up because my mom and both my sisters did. Luckily I’ve been able to lose most of it. But your face still has it’s normal shape vs having 3-4 chins like I did. πŸ˜‚

β€” @crystalhealing oh stop it gorgeous !!

β€” So gorgeous and I love your dress!!

β€” Thank you

β€” You are definitely glowing everything looked beautiful so happy for you πŸ’•πŸ’•

β€” It was awesome, thanks hun !!

β€” Pregnancy fits you so well. You look gorgeous and glowing

β€” Thanks !! 😍😍

β€” You look gorgeous!

β€” Thank you!

β€” You look amazing!!! 😍😍

β€” Thanks love!!

β€” You look amazing Angie! So excited for you!!

β€” @angikay, thank you! We are thinking Eilee Kate, my best friends name is Katy and I wanted it to be after her. I know! I love owls! They’re so cute!!

β€” @alisunmay1 that goes together nicely !!

β€” @angikay, thank you! ❀️