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Acidy throat 😞

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— Have a good healthy 🙏🏻soon

— I feel you 🤢🤢

— I had this last week really bad it made me sick it was horrible

— Does this mean she's gunna have loads of hair 😂 my daughter had so much hair x

— @dooniekay, lol maybe for some people it’s true but not for me my 1st I had awful acid and she was bald til 2years old 😂 same with my 3rd I felt like a fire breathing dragon and nope not a big load of hair either 🙈pregnancy itself makes hormones relax that’s why it’s a wives tale because it’s not true for everyone and probably more of a coincidence xx

— @erincharlieconor, fair enough! Yeah I think is so different for everyone that you can’t really know 🙈 I’ve hard very little heartburn this pregnancy. Who knows, maybe he’ll have a full head of hair just to prove me wrong 😂🤷‍♀️ xx

— @dooniekay, haha maybe it’s all exciting guessing though isn’t it!xx