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Who agrees that it's best to wait till baby is at least a month old to get on a plane? .

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— I agree - too many people these days not doing vaccinations. I wouldn’t want to risk the health of my newborn.

— @momofboth, I know that if my mom died (in her case, her grandma was like her mom. She didn’t know her parents.) then I’d go to the funeral. But, there are few situations where I would risk it.

— @jennatess yea I'm not going to risk my babies life for anything . My baby comes first. My children come first. That's just how I am. I know my grandmother/ mom would understand . I know how it feels to have my grandmother as my mom . My grandmother was there more than my mom was and I never had a father . Yet still my babies come first .

— @momofboth, i missed my dad passing away and I have regrets about that daily. Luckily I was able to get home to plan the service almost immediately. I couldn’t imagine missing the funeral/ service. Butttt, like I said, there are few situations where I feel like it would be necessary. Until the child is vaccinated, yes, try all you can to avoid close quarters with strangers.

— So do you also not take the baby to supermarkets or Dr's offices or restaurants??

— @mhbb3 aye at least till my babies had their shots. But even after that I didn't go out much. My mom and husband shopped . I stayed home most of the time.

— @momofboth, I did the same, I didn’t take my daughter out even later than that to a store.. 2months almost 3 months old before i went out in public EXCEPT for her dr appointment. I waited for her shots and even then a bit after. Better safe than sorry, why risk it when there’s alternatives

— @kas.f true that .