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Watching the clangers whilst eating his fist! All he does it put his hand in his mouth now, it is normal isn't it? πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚

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β€” Absolutely! He’s starting to explore 😍xx

β€” I just love how he is doing something different everyday!! 😁 very fussy with sleep atm though 😴😴 xxx

β€” @nicolemariehooperxo, it’s amazing isn’t it 😍 has he had his jabs?xxx

β€” @courtniek98x yeah it is! Such an exciting interesting time!!!! He had his 8 week ones he's got his 12 week ones tomorrow morning 😩 xxx

β€” Just a booster tomorrow though isn't it? Xxx

β€” @nicolemariehooperxo, she was a bit grouchy for a few hours but after some sleep and calpol she was perfectly fine xxx

β€” @courtniek98x Good 😁 I'm glad she was okay! Noah was like that after his first lot he was back to normal by 8 o'clock on the night xxx

β€” @nicolemariehooperxo, yeah calpol works wonders haha xxx