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if the grandparent is the legal guardian of your child does that mean that its not your child anymore or anything

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— That's your child, but you can't take him/her out of state or anything like that without legal guardians consent or else it could be a kidnapping case, you can still sign papers for your child and all that, I would talk to a lawyer honestly

— @laniejay that is if she lets me i ask if i can have visitation she said dont worry about it worry about you i cant ,hes my son hes everything to me

— @reyjenetapia700 no, you can file with the court for visitation. You don't need an attorney for that

— @laniejay ok

— @reyjenetapia700 @uglymombeautifulboy0910 yup yup

— Who ever is legal guardian has the right to make all decisions for the child and is responsible for the child.

— yah ik