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Unpopular opinion:
I can’t stand when people say my child is 37 months on instead of years.

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— Agree lol

— Lol seriously!

— Same!

— I concur lol

— Same!

— Who the hell does that?

— Thank you!! I freaking hate that. Like as soon as my son turned so called ”12 months” no he’s ONE thank you! I hate when people are like my son is 18 months nope bye!

— After 2 years there isn’t as much difference between months. I find it irritating after 2 years.

— Only time I ever see people say that many months is in a joking manner 🤔 anyone being serious usually stops saying months at like 18m. The internet makes this seem like a bigger occurrence than it is lol

— I am that person 😂 I love telling people my son is 17 months and my daughter is 4 months... because they start doing math and then have that “oh shit” look 😂😂😂

— I stop after 2. After that it becomes too much lol

— I hate when they do that too

— I just say stuff like well he’s almost a year and a half.

— When the child reaches 12 months it's time to stop with months.

— I like “almost” ages 😅 My sons almost 1, then he’ll be almost 1.5 😅 🤷🏻‍♀️ Specifics only matter with doctors 🤙🏻

— It also matters with daycare/school. We had to know months of all the toddlers when I worked in childcare. When you have a 23 month old who is speaking in multi-word phrases, can run, and possibly into potty training (it happens!) You don't really want them classified in the same group as the 13 month old who still crawls and says maybe one word. They are both one year old, sure, but so much development happens in that time, it doesn't make sense to think of them as the same age. But after 2? Yeah, that's ridiculous. If you feel that strong a need to be specific, say like "2 years and 5 months" its *slightly* less obnoxious.

— I understand why people do it up until age 2 being that a 12 month old and a 20 month old are both one but are more than likely at two completely different stages developmentally. I think when speaking about there development it’s important to be specific

— Amen