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This timing could not be any more difficult I’m 5 days late on my period
As it not bad enough Aaliyah really Sick. But it. Been at the back of my mind could it just be stress having a baby now is the worth timing I definitely need to get a test

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— It could be stress hun, you are going through a lot at the moment x

— Stress can delay your periods hun, could be that as she was unwell a few days ago too. Definitely take a test though, how is Aaliyah?? Xx

— Have you had a period since having your youngest? Sometimes it can take a little while for your body to get back into a good cycle. Mine were everywhere after having my eldest. Sometimes I was 2 weeks late others I was weeks early. Test though just to be sure x

— Thank you @mrsbodell, @chelsea2018, she okay I not stop crying today. Silly I know. But she sleeping at the min just wanna know she been thro so much last few days xx

— Don’t be daft not silly at all! My little girl had to have a lumbar puncture when she was a baby too and I wasent even in the room when she had it and I cried for week after it’s heartbreaking I can’t imagine what your all going through xx

— Yeah mine come bk fast. Tbh. And I’m like every 4 weeks Aaliyah 17 weeks today

— @ashvic1uk @chelsea2018, she’s a tough little cookie. It’s not easy to see them so unwell. I found maeves lumbar puncture very traumatic but she can’t remember it because she was so little. We are all wishing her well x

— @mrsbodell, thank you so much hardest think ever seeing your babies in so much pain x

— Don’t panic. Mine seemed to regulate quickly then I would miss the odd month after my lot. If you’re in the hospital do they have an on site pharmacy or can your oh bring you one? It’ll settle you and be one less thing to worry about Hope she’s ok and you’re both getting rest xx

— It may just be the stress. As your going through such a stressful time right now. As Vix said see if there’s a wee on-site pharmacy and put your mind at rest. Hooding Aaliyah starts to get well soon xxx

— Stress can delay your period and with your daughter being sick aswell take a test to put your mind at rest. Have a nice bath and relax easier said than done tho. Good luck x