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Ladies who have or are taking fluoxetine/prozac or any other meds with side effects really 😂....

Did you experience night sweats? What can you do to stop them?

Wake up in the night soaking, it's disgusting 😷

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— Im on fluoxitine

— @bonnieb no worries and happens now and then but not often enough to say how many times, ive stopped started with them tho as i stopped them for a couple of months then back to them during this pregnancy but stopped again due to making me feel sick be going back on them after little man is here x

— @gracesmummy16 ahh that's fair enough, thank you! I can't remember noticing it when I first started them but the passed month EVERY NIGHT I'm waking up soaked, like at first questioned if I had pissed myself 😂 but looked up online and its apparently common on fluoxetine so don't know if I should mention it to docs or not 🤷 x

— @bonnieb definitely mention to the doc xx

— I had the side effect and they switched me as it didn’t settle. I would swap them for the recent effects. Do you take them in the morning? May be worth trying to take them at night as the effects seem to affect me less if I do, the pharmacist said to try it x

— Yeah I take them in the morning. Will give it a go, thank you 😊 x

— I'm on fluoxitine I used to have bad sweats when I took them in the morning went back to the doctor told me to change it to taking it at night and if it's still the same they'll need to do blood tests. Was fine when I changed it to taking it before bed. X

— Thank you, will talk to my doctor :) did it not cause you to sweat in the day instead? Xx

— No I've been fine in the day it did take a few days to stop tho and I did have weird dreams for a little while xx

— Hey love... Im on fluox and i took them in the day and was gross when I woke up. Stared taking them on a night just before bed and that seemed to work or has done for 6m.