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Oakhurst, posts from the channel

Venting & TMI

I had posted about my fine lines and wrinkles and how I thought their cause was a lack of proper hydration mixed with chronic exhaustion. I've been using moisturizers with peptides , retinol, undereye masks and drinking plenty of water. I had seen a slight improvement and I was happy with it. For some reason I found it hard to fall asleep last night and today, when I looked in the mirror, my eyes were puffy and I could see all the fine lines again.
I know there's worse things in the world, but I feel awful. I've also lost a ton of weight and I feel unattractive, I look tired and ugly and I have 0 confidence...
On top of that, it's day 4 without my husband, I've been all alone with my babe for 2 days and although I try to keep myself busy and enjoy these precious moments with him, it's really hard.
I'm writing this to vent and to remind myself that everythings going to be alright.

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— Your beautiful ! I wish I lost a ton of weight I gained and feel unattractive and heavy and nothing fits fine lines I dont see any in your pic your so cute !!!! I wanna switch body with you !!!!

— I looked beautiful because my baby was a newborn. After 9 months of sleep deprivation I feel at my worst. I think losing weight is comparable to gaining weight in terms of how we deal with it emotionally. Thank you for your words though. 💓

— It's ok mama. You look Beautiful in your pic. Everyone is their own worst critic. I'm sure nobody else sees what you see! I've been losing a ton of weight due to health issues lately, and I'm starting to feel like I look like a 12 year old girl! Its killing my confidence, so I can relate! You're just going through a rough couple days...tomorrows a new brighter day 😊

— As I said above, I used to look fine but I've been sleep deprived for months now and. I look so much different than my profile pic . I know I'll feel a little better tomorrow. Thank you for your message and I hope you will gain weight and feel betteras well.