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Seriously still waiting on w2s. I’m getting frustrated y’all ugh we really need the money 😭

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— By law they have to give it to you by the end of January

— Yea hubs called and they’re sending out the last day of the month 🙄 he’s waiting on 4 more ugh

— Were waiting on my husbands, too! They have to have them sent out today, so it could be a few more days. Ugh!

— Me too ! 😫

— You still won't get them until mid to late February because of the tax law put in place. Its held for people with earned income credit and child credit.

— I know we won’t get it right away but I want to file so I know what we’re getting and plan accordingly, I have no stuff for new baby yet and my kids need beds they’re sleeping on air mattresses right now, hubs just restarted a job after being laid off a few months since we moved

— By law it has to be mailed out today! So you should get it by Saturday maybe

— Right. It’s taking for ever!!! I’m getting so annoyed. I have one waiting on 2 more😩😩

— We’re waiting on 4 more ughhh

— Yeah income taxes always help with that stuff i filed and im very impatiently waiting. Im using mine to close on a house so the sellers are getting pretty impatient as well 😫