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Please read if you’re thinking about birth control. Please do your self a favor and don’t get the depo shot even if you have had it before. I dot the depo shot after my first born and didn’t have a single problem but I gained a little weight. I switched to the implant in your arm and after about 2 year I was in a lot of pain and rushed to the hospital where I had to have emergency surgery to get it removed because it moved and broke in my arm. Well I recently did the depo again and was bleeding so bad for almost a month straight . I called my drs office and they assured me that it was normal, then I started getting huge blood clots and they still said it was fine. Today I went in for a check up on my lupus and got a blood panel done. And I got a call I had severe iron deficiency anemia so I had to get an iron transfusion. They asked me if anything had changed in the last few month and I told them about my birth control and how I was bleeding. They looked at each other and called my drs office that gave me it and pretty much yelled at them about how they neglect my medical problems. They said that in someone that does not have lupus and has these symptoms it’s dangerous but with someone that has lupus and a heart problem It was extremely dangerous. Thank god for them or my kids would be growing up without a mother. I just finished my last round of meds and am finally back to myself. Any longer I wouldn’t be here I almost didn’t go to the drs because I was so tired but thankfully I did

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— I’m so happy you was taken care of and Thankyou for the warning xx

— Glad your okay 💚 I had the nexplanon too and my whole arm was numb for about a month and I gained almost 10 lbs on it it was so bad 🙄

— @mrs.dahlin, I have the nuva ring now so far so good

— @brenduhhh, I can’t get that because of my illness which sucks I’m going to get my tubes tied I they said it was probably my best chance

— @mrs.dahlin, I’m sorry to hear that I hope it works out for you 💚

— Thank God for great doctors. I'm glad you're okay. I got the depo shot the day I left the hospital with my youngest and then I had the implant in my arm. I've gained so much weight with the Nexplanon. I still the Nexplanon and I also have the copper iud, currently waiting to have the Nexplanon removed.

— I hope it all goes smooth

— @mrs.dahlin thanks

— So glad you went hun! Thank goodness they caught it

— So were u bleeding heavy? Your scarring me! I've been bleed for 5 months now but lightly, I suppose to had gotten the shot dec 14th but never did Because I didn't like the bleeding. Fast forward January I'm still bleeding 😳

— @myfavorite3, not as bad after the meds they gave me I get spotting nothing like before they said it should stop completely in a week or 2 and no no normal period I’m not due for my period (if it’s still in the same schedule) until the 24th of fed

— @mrs.dahlin I'm happy for you and 🙏🏼.. yes I'm still awaiting on my period 😔 tired of spotting off and on

— @myfavorite3, thank you! I really hope woman have better drs then I do

— Your welcome hun ❤ and not only that depo needs to be off the market. I wouldn't recommend that to any one

— I was told that birth control (tri cyclen lo, the patch and nuva ring) caused my pcos. My labs were all perfect no issues with my period, no severe cramps, no facial hair. Stopped taking bc after 3 years and had nothing but issues.