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COUPLES, it is almost Valentine's Day. Make this your status and answer honestly. ❤️

Married,engaged,bf/gf?: Married 8.11.18
Who’s older: Him👴
Age difference: 8 years
Who was interested first: He shot his shot
Who’s taller: Him
Worst temper: Me
Most sensitive: Me
Loudest: Me 😩
Funniest: I crack myself up
Most stubborn: Me
Falls asleep first: Him...hes like an old man. Falls asleep any and everywhere lol
Cooks better: Me by farrrr lol #ChefA
Better singer: We both sound like 💩
Most Adventurous: Both. Which is why we love to travel.
Most organized: Def me
Stresses the most: Probably me
Dresses the best: Me
Most protective: Both
Glued to their phone the most: Me lol
Best Person with money: def me. He calls me frugle but in a good way 😂😂

**Post a picture of you two**

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— Gorgeous picture 🥰

— How tall are you??

— @phoebesmommy, all my female friends and family are like 5’4 and under lol you’d be a very welcome taller than average!

— @doubleksmommy, aww that’s good. She’s been like in the mid 80’s percentile 😢 I’m hoping she has a growth spurt one of these days lol

— @flamingomom, yay!! I know lol my friends are all teensy

— Beautiful picture!! ❤️

— Thank you hunnay😊

— You are so pretty!!! you’re glowing!!

— 😁😘

— Gorgeous !!!😍😍😍

— Thank yoooou