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When u don’t get that support or anything from ur SO I feel so alone his like “ what do want me to do I know how u feel” 😑 how would u know how I feel when u don’t even bother to sit down n ask me 😔 I just wanna run away alone I feel so suffocated 💔

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— Don’t run away hun 😔❤️. I know how you feel 100%. Just try to stay happy I know it’s hard but you can get through this whatever your going through ❤️. You can message me if you want

— I’m trying for my kids so hard there just so much a person can handle u know I just feel stuck now.Thank you 🙏🏽❤️

— @mari2884, Oh well yeah that’s true ❤️ but keep going to your significant other telling him how you feel he will eventually get it and come to you ❤️ don’t give up 🥰. And no problem 😊

— Like I've mentioned you before we are on the same boat.. However, my husband has been super supportive .. He still has hope the tech might have done it wrong.. Since my toddler was screaming non- stop during the process. You can tell she wasn't concentrating.( She was pissed off) I haven't heard from the nurse nor my doc :/ Try talking him, let him know how hard this is for you. He will get it soon or later n will be supportive. 💛:)

— Yeah my doc was frustrated cuz of the ultrasound machine cuz it’s old that’s y she send me somewhere else. It’s not that easy to talk to him it’s all about him his always right n only his way so I don’t even bother anymore idk at this point

— Case and point; Men are oblivious poops.. 🤷‍♀️

— YES! 🙌🏽

— They don’t think... actions that are not well thought of. Mine does it and I jus tell myself he don’t think like I do so whatever

— Men and women think differently. That’s the beauty of relationships. But, it also is what makes it very challenging. Stick with him, you’ll come out stronger. (Unless there’s abuse adultery or addictions going on). Your kids will benefit. Sit down and tell him how you feel and how you’d like him to check up and empathize with you. And ask him how you can better meet his needs too. It’s a two way street. Sorry mama, stay strong!